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Light Installation, Maintenance, and repair

Advanced Lighting & Electric, Inc is a locally owned and operated full service lighting & electric maintenance company. We offer a wide variety of lighting and electrical services including, but not limited to:

We also specialize in energy saving retrofits and are an authorized vendor for Nevada Energy and the Nevada Energy Sure Bet Direct Incentive Program.  

Lighting Up Faces

Unlike most of our competitors, Advanced Lighting Services, Inc does not charge for drive time or add a fuel surcharge. Our vehicles are kept fully stocked so that in most cases a second trip is not warranted, resulting in added savings to the customer.

We also offer Free Tech Support at (702) 566-3373 for clients who run into lighting or electrical issues. In most cases our staff can troubleshoot a problem over the phone at no cost. Advanced Lighting Services, Inc also provides a free patrol service of all our customers’ properties, checking for outages and other issues.

Please feel free to contact us for pricing, a list of references, or with any questions or comments. We look forward to servicing all of your lighting needs in the future.


Restaurant Lighting:

We’re well aware that each restaurant needs to provide a range of different moods. Breakfast diners need bright down lights to read their newspapers, romantic diners need eye-level lamps to look their best, and lunchtime guests need a moderate level to ensure speedy turnover. The variety of fixtures, elements, and power levels available are an open book to us.

Industrial Lighting:

We know, it’s simple, right? All you need is for your warehouse employees to be able to see. Well, that, and you need to save energy costs, comply with lighting regulations, reduce accidents, and prevent eyestrain. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Neon Light Repair:

Neon sign transformers generally output 4,000-12,000 volts, causing a lot of danger for do-it-yourself repairmen. Our years in Las Vegas, the Neon City, have provided us with plenty of education in the erection and repair of classic neon signs.


The auxiliary equipment that begins and controls the flow of electricity to gas discharge light sources. Magnetic ballasts contain copper wrapped around a core of iron, while smaller and more efficient electronic ballasts regulate electrical flow through chips and resistors.


The type of socket and connection where a lamp can be attached. Replacing fixtures can be expensive, however, in the case of older facilities, a replacement for a newer type of lighting system can save huge amounts of money in the long run.


A coil or set of coils controlling the flow of electricity from one circuit to another. A transformer can distribute power to the entire lighting system, or several buildings, or one table lamp. Advanced Lighting and Electric can install, maintain, and repair transformers of all sizes.

Pole lights:

Exterior lights over parking lots, highways, downtowns, and sidewalks all need to be on poles. Establishing a new system of pole lighting can be quite a process, involving long trenches for electrical wires and complicated wire junctions. Once installed, pole light clusters will operate for years, requiring only regular maintanence to stay bright.


Remember, in the winter months in Las Vegas, the sun sets as early as 4:30. All signs should be illuminated.

Light Design:

Every shop, restaurant, factory, parking lot, and warehouse is different. We have years of experience lighting every type and variety of building. We know what the requirements are, how much power can be saved, and what employees and guests need to feel safe and happy

Parking Lot Lighting Services:

We know the requirements for parking lots in Las Vegas, and we know how to provide the most illumination for the least cost.

Changing of Bulbs:

Changing light bulbs is pretty easy… until you’re in charge of an entire apartment complex containing 10,000 separate bulbs. A regularly scheduled lighting technician can save years of headaches, by coming to the property with all of the needed bulbs, ladders, fixtures and ballasts neccessary to complete the job.


The receptacles connected to the electrical supply. The Base is the end of the lamp that fits into the socket. Screw sockets are the most common type for incandescent and HID lamps, and bipin bases are the norm for linear flourescent lamps.


An inert gas giving off a reddish-orange glow when sealed in vaccum discharge tubes and electrified, neon is commercially extracted from air. Its name comes from the chemical element Ne and the atomic number 10. It is a fragile and inefficient source of light. It is also classic, beautiful, and a big part of Las Vegas’ history. We’ve worked with neon from the beginning.

Wall Packs:

A wall pack is a weatherproof housing that consists of an aluminum shell, compartment for ballast, lamp socket, and light refracting lens. They are the most widely used outdoor flood lights. They produce a high amount of glare, so careful use around front entrances is necessary.


Many street lights, parking lot lights, and retail center pole lights are far, far above the reach of ladders. We have the boom lifts to access any fixture, no matter how far from the ground.


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